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1 Domain Hosting
25 MB Webspace
10 E-Mail IDs
Linux Platform


5 Domain Hosting
100 MB Webspace
50 E-Mail IDs
Linux Platform


11000 MB Web Space
250 E-mail IDs
250 GB Bandwidth
250 MB per E-Mail ID

What's included?

Domain Registration
Web Hosing Packages
Dedicated Web Hosting
Online Communities
Virtual Private Server
Search Engine Optimization
Web Hosting Guide
Linux Hosting
Reseller Hosting


vDedicated Servers are ideal solutions for getting the Power of a Dedicated Server at a Fraction of the cost or very simply get Two vDedicated Servers for redundancy at the same cost of a single Dedicated Server.

We guarantee 100% uptime on vDedicated Servers, hosted at our SAS 70 Type II Certified Data Center.

These servers are ideal solutions for:

· Rich Web Site Hosting
· Ecommerce Hosting
· Streaming Video Hosting
· Microsoft Exchange Hosting
· Virtual Desktop
· Disaster Recovery Servers


Standard Package
Memory 1 Gig
Disk Space 20 Gigs
Bandwidth 650 Gigs

Professional Package
Memory 2 Gig
Disk Space 50 Gigs
Bandwidth 1500 Gigs

Corporate Package
Memory 3 Gig
Disk Space 100 Gigs
Bandwidth 2000 Gigs

Enterprise Package
Memory 4 Gig
Disk Space 200 Gigs
Bandwidth 3000 Gigs


Memory -- $9.95/mth for 1 gig additional memory
Disk Space -- $25 for 50 gigs additional ,$39.95 for 100 gigs additional monthly

Operating System --
Windows Web Edition $12.5 month
Custom Operating SystemWindows or Unix/Linux – Contact Us

Control Panel --
Cpanel (Unix Only) $15 month
Plesk - Contact Us

Databases -- Microsoft SQL Express FREE

Backup Space --
10 Gigs $5.00 monthly
50 Gigs $19.00 monthly
100 Gigs $30 monthly
500 Gigs $145 Monthly
1 TB $250 monthly

1 Dedicated Servers Managed Services

2. Hosted Exchange

3. SaaS
          i. School Module
          ii. College Module
          iii. ERP for Manufacturing/Pharmaceutical
          iv. HR Management System
          v. Hospital Management System

4) Enterprise Solutions
          a. Racks
          b. Firewall Configuration
          c. Load Balancing
          d. Data Storage
          e. Disaster Recovery Service

5) Spam Filters
          a. Google Postini
          b. vMailGuard
          c. CloudMark

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