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1 Domain Hosting
25 MB Webspace
10 E-Mail IDs
Linux Platform


5 Domain Hosting
100 MB Webspace
50 E-Mail IDs
Linux Platform


11000 MB Web Space
250 E-mail IDs
250 GB Bandwidth
250 MB per E-Mail ID

What's included?

Domain Registration
Web Hosing Packages
Dedicated Web Hosting
Online Communities
Virtual Private Server
Search Engine Optimization
Web Hosting Guide
Linux Hosting
Reseller Hosting

  Web Hosting
If you take a glance at the Internet, you will see that most of the web hosting companies offer Shared and dedicated web hosting.

Shared Web Hosting

Shared web hosting is also known as mass hosting or virtual hosting. If you wish to save some cash, shared hosting will be the best option for you. The working principle of shared hosting is simple. Your content and applications are placed on a server which is shared with other customers who also use that web host. The equipment and server are owned and managed by us with technicians on hand to monitor and manage the servers.

Dedicated Web Hosting

Dedicated hosting is a much more sophisticated type of web hosting when compared to shared hosting. This type of hosting allows you to rent an entire server yourself and have access to all its resources to host one or more web sites. This makes a dedicated hosting plan the ideal package for companies with larger, high-traffic web sites who need total control over the hosting environment.

Apart from these, there are other web hosting solutions based on the operating systems. They are Unix hosting and windows hosting. UNIX is an operating system originally developed for servers and networking. Until now many different versions of UNIX have been written by programmers around the world under the open-source protocol, meaning that the code for the operating system is openly available so as to enable programmers to customize and make improvements when and where necessary. The two most popular forms of UNIX are Linux and BSD. There are several varieties, like Red Hat Linux, Debian, SuSE, and FreeBSD. Another very popular operating system developed by Microsoft is Windows operating system, Windows Server 2003. Several scripting languages like ASP, ASP.NET, and Cold Fusion, will only run on a Windows server. Windows hosting are costlier than Unix hosting and this is the only drawback assuming performance is equal.

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