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1 Domain Hosting
25 MB Webspace
10 E-Mail IDs
Linux Platform


5 Domain Hosting
100 MB Webspace
50 E-Mail IDs
Linux Platform


11000 MB Web Space
250 E-mail IDs
250 GB Bandwidth
250 MB per E-Mail ID

What's included?

Domain Registration
Web Hosing Packages
Dedicated Web Hosting
Online Communities
Virtual Private Server
Search Engine Optimization
Web Hosting Guide
Linux Hosting
Reseller Hosting

 Effective Ways of selecting Domains


Use Keywords

Having a keyword rich domain name would be the first and most important step to starting your online business. Keyword rich domain names are among the most important factors which affect search engine rankings of a website and its exposure to the visitors. This will bring you search engine traffic, this traffic will buy from you or become leads for your affiliate programs. Having a keyword rich domain will help you with three important sources of getting traffic for your website, Organic Traffic, PPC (Paid Advertisements) and type in traffic. For example TradeShowItems.com will be the right domain to pick if you are selling trade show items. Not only it will help the owner achieve higher search engine rankings but also elaborate their business in its name only.

Ignore Hyphens

There is a common mistake that many people make when buying a niche domain, they use hyphens to separate their keywords. An example would be visit-american-beaches.com for a travel domain name. Now the problem with hyphens is that using them makes the domain name difficult to remember and hard to type. I remember a friend having an entertainment niche domain name and he had it announced over local radio. Instead of getting any big increase in number of visitors he received several complaints that his website went down or it's inaccessible. He later realized that it was because his domain name was too long and had hyphens in it, which made the listeners confused and they could not figure out the right way to spell the domain name.

Easy to Spell

Always remember when you select a domain that it should be easy to spell. You should know that many internet users are not great with spelling; therefore you should avoid such words which are hard to spell. Newyorkcityrealtyexpert.com for a real estate domain name may look good for SEO perspective but in reality who would remember such real estate domain names? A precaution now will save many investments on advertisements which you will need to teach people about, how to spell your website. The basic rule is picking up domains easy to spell and short enough to be remembered easily.

Now you know how to make the right choice of niche domain names for better search engine rankings and easy to remember. Keep these three rules in mind and you will never pick the wrong domain name again.

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